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A Devilish Horse

I Peter 5:5-9

A Devilish Horse

I Peter 5:5-9

O NO, a cow is out again! I didn’t know why. Fence jumping was becoming a regular habit with that cow. When I found her, she would be contentedly biting off clumps of grass outside her pasture.

Sometime later, I found out why. I saw that cow and our palomino mare in the same field. The mare saw the cow and must have thought, “this is my opportunity.” As she ran toward the cow,  the cow saw her coming and stopped eating. With panicky and furtive eyes, she looked for a way to escape. She tried running away, but the horse was too fast. She changed directions, but the horse did too. She ran back and forth, frantically looking for a possible escape route, but there wasn’t any. Then she ran, jumped, and cleared the fence. For some reason, the palomino did not follow her. She was free! What a relief.

Now I knew why the cow had become an escape artist. The solution was to keep the horse in a different pasture from the cows.

Satan is somewhat like that horse. He finds our weakness, then keeps tempting us until we give in. He is described in I Peter 5:8 (KJV) by these words, “your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

Don’t be like that cow that jumped the fence and ended up where she didn’t belong.

Satan hounds all Christians with temptations. The context of I Peter 5:8 gives the solution in verses 5 through 9. “Humble yourselves.” “Cast all your care upon him.” “Be sober, be vigilant.” “Resist stedfast in the faith.”

Always run to the Lord for safety and deliverance from Satan’s attacks!

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