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Where Cell Phones and Wi-Fi Are Prohibited

Psalm 46:10

Where Cell Phones and Wi-Fi Are Prohibited

Psalm 46:10

Green Bank, West Virginia, is called the "quietest town in America." A sign at the edge of town states, "You are entering the Radio Astronomy Instrument Zone: Diesel Vehicles Only; No Portable Electronics except for Authorized Purposes; Do not install or leave Unattended any equipment that does not comply with ITU-R RA.769."

This 13,000 square mile area is home to the Green Bank Observatory. It has the largest steerable radio telescopes in the world to measure invisible energy waves descending on earth. It has found black holes, radiation belts, and gravitational waves. Electromagnetic silence is required to do the necessary tasks. At its inception, the federal government established Pocahontas County as a National Radio Quiet Zone.

Operating any electrical equipment within ten miles of the observatory is punishable with a $50 fine. The authorities have never enforced this law.

What would life be like without cell phones? We would engage in more face-to-face communication. The absence of cell phones would reduce Irrelevant and annoying distractions. We could concentrate better on the task before us. We could be better able to listen to God.

We sing "Sweet Hour of Prayer," but in our distractedness find it hard to give God five minutes of prayer. We sing "Draw Me Nearer" but will not take the time to draw nigh to God. We sometimes let the noise and distractions of the world drown out the sound of a word from the Lord.

Psalm 46:10 (KJV) says, "Be still and know that I am God." Today might be the right time to shut off the world's distractions and be quiet before the Lord. Give Him the time to let Him speak to you through His Word and your prayer time.

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