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Bible Truths for Today

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A Devilish Horse

I Peter 5:5-9

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Almost All the Leaves Are Down

II Kings 20:1

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Are You Ready for the Rapture?

I Thessalonians 4:16-17

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Do We Need to be Revived

II Chronicles 7:14

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Early Will I Seek Thee

Psalm 63:1,2

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End of the Road? No.

Psalm 32:2-4

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Good Guy Lost, Bad Guy Saved

Luke 18:11, 13

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Healing All Diseases

Psalm 103:3

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Hypocrisy in the Church Preventing Revival

Luke 18:11

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I Want My Gourd

Jonah 4:10, 11

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If That's What a Christian Is - - -

Romans 14:12

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Keep Within the Lines

Joshua 1:7; Isaiah 30:21

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