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What is Faith

"But the word preached did not profit them, not being MIXED WITH FAITH in them that heard it." Hebrews 4:2b. In this context, the Hebrew nation escaping from Egypt had been promised land, but they refused to risk the battles.

Faith is a vague word today. People talk about having faith in themselves, a leader, a car, or an idea. Is the object of your faith trustworthy?

The Hebrew children did not trust God. They had endured 400 years of slavery. Now, living in the wilderness, they had no weapons, military training, or supplies. In their eyes, God's promise was unbelievable.

They had witnessed the twelve plagues. Moses had led them across the Red Sea as if on dry land. The pursuing Egyptian soldiers washed ashore dead by the Red Sea. God had provided them with manna, water, and quail in the desert. But they still wouldn't trust God.

Consequently, God caused all adults 20 years old and above (except faithful Joshua and Caleb) to wander and die in the wilderness.

In the book of Hebrews, the issue was, Do you believe Christ? He is superior to Moses and the Old Testament priesthood. He is our Savior, Lord, and high priest in heaven, interceding for us.

Romans 10:17 states, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." As we listen to the Word of God – by reading or hearing it preached, we are directed to Jesus Christ, the only possible way to salvation. Romans 10:9,10,13.

After trusting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we continue receiving the preached Word, mixing it with faith, and obeying it. Genuine faith then produces good works consistent with God's Word. James 2:14-26.

Faith is an action word. We believe, and then we act on what we believe. Mix the preached Word with faith!

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